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Eyebrows ~ Eye Liner ~ Lip Shape/Color

Permanent Cosmetics is a simple and safe procedure that offers new hope to many people.  It can dramatically improve your appearance and your outlook on life.

Imagine eyebrows that will not wash off!!
Eyeliner that will not smudge!!
Lips having color, shape and fullness!!

Always looking put together 24 hours a day...

Permanent Cosmetics 

Permanent Cosmetics benefits most individuals one way or another. Especially those that have a desire to always look their best!

Some of the reasons-which are limitless are:

~ sparse eyebrow hairs, half a brow, scarring or no visible brow at all
~ poor vision, wear contacts, allergies to make-up
~ eyeliner  melts & smudges
~ poorly defined lips, small lips, light/no lip tone, scarring
~ active lifestyle- traveling, sports, career, motherhood
~ no time to apply or reapply your make-up
~ hand tremors
~ any medical condition limiting your ability to apply make-up
~ low thyroid-loss of outer third of brows
~ Alopecia-loss of hair from brow, lashline or scalp
~ thinning of brow or lashline from chemotherapy
~ light or no areola color

This list could go on forever, I can't think of a single reason not to treat yourself to this amazing procedure.

Effortless Beauty Permanent Cosmetics by Jody Dischler

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